Antton Nordberg is the Head of KMC MAG Group's Research team, responsible for building and streamlining the company's research capabilities focused on the Philippine real estate market. As Head of Research, Antton works with several major firms and types of investors including private equity, publicly listed companies, and major local developers, to provide key information and expert advice on various aspects of real estate development.

His work typically includes feasibility studies, financial modeling and ad hoc market research. Additionally, he has been actively involved towards improving transparency by releasing comprehensive and up-to-date real estate reports that offer accurate overview and insight into current market trends and forecasts.

With over five years of experience in real estate research and consultancy, Antton joined KMC MAG Group in 2013. Prior to joining KMC, he worked with KTI Property Information Ltd., a Finland-based independent information company that offers benchmarking, research, and analysis services for the Finnish real estate sector. His academic background is highly focused on Real Estate and Property Investment.