House vs. Condo: Which is a better investment? (Infographic)

If you are to choose one, what would it be: a house and lot or a condo?

We know that this is a pretty tough decision to make, one that would have you weighing in the downsides and advantages of these two living space options. Well, let us help you pick the right one. Before settling into a new home or pad, here are some things you have to look into:


should you invest in a house or condo


House and Lot
- More expensive than owning a condo (high-end house and lots in Metro Manila range from Php 22 million to Php 28 million)

- More affordable than house and lots, especially in prime locations (condos with luxurious living themes in Metro Manila cost around Php 7 million to Php 14 million)

Control of surroundings

House and Lot
- Grants you with exclusive rights to property
- Gives you freedom to design or renovate the indoor and outdoor space any way you want

- Comes with restrictions when it comes to condo maintenance and renovation
- Comes with rules and limits in using common areas and facilities


House and Lot
- Gives you more privacy since you won't have to live in the same floor or building with others
- Lets you use the outdoor living space on your own

- Doesn't offer much privacy since you'll be living closely with other people
- Makes you share common outdoor spaces and lounge areas in the condo building

Pet Friendliness

House and Lot
- Can create a more comfortable living space for animals
- Can accommodate different types of pet
- Can provide more outdoor space for animal activities

- May not accommodate too many pets
- May not be a pet-friendly environment because of limited space
- May not provide the comforts of having your own outdoor space at home


House and Lot
- Limited house-and-lot options in Metro Manila
- Lots of better options available in places near the metropolis

Condo (Prime locations)
- Conveniently located in prime locations in Metro Manila
- Keeps you close to various points of interest


House and Lot

- Has a larger indoor space (larger closets, bigger bedrooms and bathrooms, more spacious kitchen dining area, etc.)
- Gives you extra outdoor space of your own (for gardening, children's playground, pet activities, hobbies, hosting parties, etc.)

- Has limited interior space (limited number of bedrooms, smaller kitchen and dining area, limited space for closet, etc.)
- Doesn't provide you with an outdoor space of your own (you have to share common outdoor areas and facilities with others)

Maintenance, repair, and renovation

House and Lot
- Homeowners can decide on their own for the house repair, renovation, and maintenance
- Homeowners will shoulder all the cost and will be responsible for the maintenance in and out of the property
- Usually harder and more costly to maintain

- Building management maintains the shared area
- Permission from the building administrator is usually needed before renovations and construction in the unit can be done
- Easier to maintain because of the condo's convenient living space design


House and Lot
- Level of security depends on the location and neighborhood (if it's a gated community, an exclusive subdivision, or an open neighborhood)
- Monitoring and surveillance is quite difficult compared to condominiums

- Most condo units have round-the-clock security
- Most condo units have high-tech security systems (CCTVs, etc.)


House and Lot
- Subdivisions and other residential communities may have clubhouses (sports facilities, function rooms, etc.)
- Not all house options include swimming pools and expansive outdoor facilities (basketball courts, gym, etc.)

- Condos usually have swimming pools, gyms, and lounging areas and may even be designed with resort-like amenities and expansive sports activity centers
- May have restaurants and other shops within the building


House and Lot
- Makes a good long-term investment (something that can be passed on to your family)
- Can have a higher property value in the long run
- House improvements and repair may cost a lot of money

- Good for just about 50 years (may not always be a great option as a lifetime investment)
- Can be rented easily to other people for additional monthly income
- Maintenance is easier and cheaper compared to house renovations and repair

Ideal for

House and Lot
- Small and large families, couples, people looking for lifetime investments

- Singles, couples, young professionals, empty nesters, retirees, overseas workers accustomed to condo living, people looking for more convenient and less expensive living space options in Metro Manila