Junior Assistant

Closing Date: 4/16/2017

  • Assist Project Manager to determine resources needed - people, tools, equipment, materials and internal services for each project
  • Assists with pre construction services to prepare, review, and monitor information and resports related to all costs involved in assigned projects
  • Assists Project Manager with construction schedule and an organization and responsibilities matrix at the start of each project
  • Assists with creating and managing project budges
  • Assists in preparing bid packages and subcontract scopes of work; set up subcontractor pre-work meeting, keep minutes and follow up
  • Complies with requirements of owner contracts (such as bonds, fees, notifications, schedules, reporting, and costs). Project start-up and scheduling
  • Assists project manager in defining responsibilities for processing submittals including taking ownership of more difficult trades in cases of limited staff
  • Confirmed all required paperwork from subcontractors and suppliers is completed at appropriately designated times before and during the project
  • Establishes relationships and communication tolls as needed with suppliers and other key people to verify all materials, supplies, tools, equipment and personnel are obtained and/or delivered when necessary
  • Communicates with all suppliers and subcontractors to be certain they understand performance standards relates to predetermined schedules or plans and specifications
  • Attend all mandatory periodic planning, progress, and close out meetings with project staff and other key people on project concerns, problems, and unexpected situations that may arise with subcontracts, suppliers, customer changes, etc.
  • Compare progress to schedule, compare ctual versus estimated cost, check compliance with plans and specifications and Balfour Beatty Construction guidelines
  • Manage the project closeout process to settle all financial obligations, demobilize all resources and transition the project to the customer


  • Candidate must be a graduate of Bachelor's/College degree in Architecture, Mechanical / Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Open to fresh graduates
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Prioritizes and delegates multiple responsibilities to others
  • Supervises and develops direct reports to assess and build talent
  • Demonstrates proficiency using a personal computer (PC) and company communication tools, such as email, internet, and Microsoft products
  • Demonstrates leadership skills with ability and willingness to face challenges, solve problems, motivate others and sell new business
  • Must be able to prioritize and plan work activities as to use time efficiently
  • Must be organized, accurate, thorough, and able to monitor work for quality
  • Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction, and must be able to improve performance through management feedback

Skills Required