Research and Consultancy

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KMC MAG Group's expert consultants and researchers provide in-depth analysis and valuable insights that allow clients to make informed business decisions and determine effective strategies in business and development.

Sophisticated ground insights

With KMC MAG Group, clients can capitalize on emerging opportunities to maximize their real estate assets and investments. KMC MAG Group's expert team provides rigorous market analysis that includes sophisticated ground insights. Armed with in-depth market knowledge, KMC MAG Group's highly skilled professionals are capable of assisting clients in strategic studies and consulting projects. This enables client companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and gain fresh insights that will help them maximize their real estate assets and investments.

The KMC & Savills Advantage

The company recognizes the value of the client's capital and its need to minimize risk, which is why it is important for KMC MAG Group to guide clients and investors who are new to the market. With our help, client companies and businesses will be familiar with new developments and potentially profitable assets that can help direct their next investment move or allow them to diversify their portfolio.

What we offer:

  • Feasibility, highest-and-best-use, and site selection studies
  • Project and asset valuation
  • Financial modelling
  • In-depth market knowledge (insights and analysis that are customized according to the client's needs)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Market studies on key cities of the nation
  • Trend forecasts (cities, various sectors, geographies, and Philippine real estate)

Unparalleled research capabilities

As the only local company associated with Savills, KMC MAG Group has access to vast resources across the Philippines and the Asia Pacific. The team is capable of providing analysis and reports that offer a broader aspect in the economic outlooks for short-term or long-term real estate investments.

Who KMC MAG Group work with:

  • Developers and property owners that want to maximize their real estate assets
  • Real estate investment funds and individual investors
  • Corporations in need for strategic consulting advice

For more details about consulting and research in the Philippines, contact KMC MAG Group today.