KMC Quality Policy

KMC is the preferred provider of professional real estate services in the Philippines. With 10 years of expertise and over 150 employees, the company is committed to delivering unique and localized services in Tenant Representation, Landlord Representation and Project Marketing, Investor Services, Asset Management, and Research and Consultancy.

To satisfy applicable requirements and deliver service that is of beyond the standard and expectations, each department under the organization shall:

  • Be a full-service real estate solutions provider by offering specialized services for its clients;
  • Deliver unique, localized services and market expertise through its professional team;
  • Position itself as a long-term industry partner that provides tailor-fit solutions for any business;
  • Establish itself as one of the country’s thought-leaders and reliable sources for the commercial real estate market information in the Philippines;
  • Invest in the growth and development of its people by providing continuous learning through various trainings and programs

KMC is committed to the continual improvement of its quality policy as the need arises, evaluation of its processes, and implement changes needed to achieve intended results. Accordingly, KMC ensures that these quality objectives are observed and maintained.

Hence, these core values are observed in every transaction closed and task completed:

  • Proactive Mentality

KMC employees offer services that are above and beyond what is expected of them. This is exemplified by their initiative in anticipating and preventing potential risks and communicating it thoroughly with its clients. They practice forward thinking in providing contingency plans when the need arises.

  • It’s Everybody’s Problem

To practice independence and accountability, KMC cultivates a working environment where employees take ownership in the work that they do.

  • Keep on Learning  

KMC acknowledges the room for improvement of its employees, hence, the leadership team provide continuous opportunity for learning, training and development.

  • Never Give Up but Be Reasonable

KMC employees pour everything in what they do from committing to a task, conflict resolution, offering improvements, to its completion.

  • Enhance Everything

True to its commitment to excellence, KMC employees go above the standard and beyond the expectations of its clients and the company itself.

  • No Solution, No Whining

In line with having a proactive mentality, KMC employees are trained to be solution oriented.

  • Positivity and Passion is Everything

More than the skills the culture, passion and work ethics set KMC employees differently from the competitors.

Vision Mission

To be the preferred and most trusted provider of full-service real estate needs in the Philippines, defined by our quality specialized services that are above standards and beyond expectations.

To achieve this vision, KMC is committed to delivering unique localized services and global market expertise by:

  • providing a strategic and consultative approach in company-wide operations;
  • continuously honing the best talent in the corporate real estate industry; and
  • being the trailblazers of the industry by integrating the latest technology with our services.