History of KMC Savills

KMC Savills traces its beginnings to March 2009, when the company was founded and managed by Gregory Kittelson, Michael McCullough, and Amanda Rufino Carpo. Both Kittelson and McCullough had an extensive background in software, BPO and consulting industries in Philippines for a combined 14 years experience. Attorney Amanda Rufino Carpo, on the other hand, is a practicing corporate tax and real estate lawyer in the Philippines.

Since its incorporation, the company has leased out and sold more than 2,000,000 square feet of properties throughout Metro Manila. KMC Savills caters to a wide array of clients, from small or medium-sized enterprises to foreign multinational companies with the most creative and cost-efficient real estate solutions. Acting as a one-stop shop for foreign entities upon entering into the Philippines, KMC Savills, through its wide access to a proven network of vendors, provides exclusive representation guarantee and commitment to personalized service regardless of the client's size. Its trademark is offering a non-bias, complete level of service for clients, investors, and property owners.