Why should a BPO relocate its office to Sta. Rosa, Laguna in the Philippines?

office space Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa Laguna,

Whether you've recently come across an office space in Sta. Rosa that piqued your interest or you're simply considering changing things up with regard to your office environment, there are several reasons why relocating your BPO's office to Sta. Rosa is not a bad idea at all.

Sta. Rosa, Laguna, also known as "The Lion City of the South" has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. This can be attributed to the goal of the Philippine government to gentrify cities outside of and to decongest Metro Manila. Sta. Rosa is a city that is frequented area by many because it serves as the exit point off the expressway en route to Tagaytay.

At the moment, Sta. Rosa has a population of nearly 300,000 people. It is exceeded only by Calamba and San Pedro in terms of population density in Laguna. This is not a small number of people; and it is certainly a factor to consider as you consider relocating your BPO's office to Sta. Rosa. With such a large number of people, chances are that you will not have a problem with regard to recruitment. This is likely the reason why many offices in Manila; BPOs and beyond, have uprooted and relocated to the city of Sta. Rosa.

If you are concerned about how your employees might deal with the adjustment process as they will be coming from a bustling metropolis such as Metro Manila, there is no need to worry as there is no shortage of retail stores, tourist spots, and other places of interest in Sta. Rosa. Because Sta. Rosa serves as the premier city and hub of South Luzon, one can only expect developments to increase and more establishments to be put up in the area in the coming months. At present, Sta. Rosa has 30 banking institutions, a number of wet and dry public markets, myriad shopping centres including the popular Paseo de Santa Rosa, Enchanted Kingdom, EK Biki WaterWorld, Solenad, and more. Churches, schools, parks and hospitals also abound.

In summation, relocating your BPO's office to Sta. Rosa is a smart and innovative idea because of its large population and increasing urban appeal.