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An Icon Reinvented - The Insular Life Building is a 14-storey office building located in the heart of the Makati Central Business District. The building is currently undergoing a complete renovation with all brand new equipment and amenities and it will be completed in the 2nd Quarter of 2017. "An Icon Reinvented", the Insular Life Makati Building will offer the quality of a modern office space whilst maintaining its heritage and classic design which has made it one of the most recognizable buildings in the Makati Central Business District. 

A unique factor in the marketing of the Insular Life Makati Building office space is the co-landlord arrangement which combines the experiences, knowledge and network of both KMC Savills and Colliers - two of the Philippines' leading real estate service providers. This co-landlord representation appointment is the first of its kind in the Philippines creating a new level of professional competition in Philippine real estate marketing and could pave the way for changes in the industry.

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(L-R: David Young; Managing Director - Colliers Internatonal, Hector Caunan; Vice President & Head of Real Property Division - Insular Life, Michael McCullough; Managing Director - KMC Savills)

Co-Landlord representation brings many unique advantages. The landlord makes use of two sets of expertise, experience, and ideas which help with informed decision making. Combined marketing efforts and contacts help bring in more tenants and assist with the building developing new relationships.

Co-Landlord arrangements are common globally. In Europe, the USA and other parts of Asia these arrangements are done frequently. This is a testament to the fact that they indeed work and show that all parties can benefit from the joint expertise, decision-making, contacts, and ideas.

The key success factors for Co-Landlord arrangements are integrity, teamwork, communication, collaboration, and trust. These are aligned with the core values advocated by Insular Life as a Corporation which contributes to the continued success of this powerful alliance.