Cagayan De Oro: The City of Golden Friendship

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Cagayan De Oro, or for short CDO, is the capital city of Misamis Oriental, on the southernmost island of Mindanao. It is a first class city and is the regional center and business hub for the region of Northern Mindanao. Cebuano is the language most often spoken in this region closely followed by English, which is mostly used for business.  

It is the 10th most populated city in the country, with just over 602,000 inhabitants. Economically, the city thrives as it is one of the most accessible cities in the region. The city is also known for its strong business growth as shown in its being the regional center and the business hub of its region. Known as one of the most progressive and competitive cities in the country, the city is home to close to 15,000 business establishments. Businesses find that CDO is a good place to go because of many of the cities strong points. Some of this involve that that city experiences little to no typhoons during the course of the year, its rich agricultural environment, a broad consumer and manpower base, and cheap utilities. Its infrastructure is also strongly backed up by modern telecommunication facilities and an efficient educational system.  

The city's location is also very strategic, making it a convenient place to do business both on a local and international level as its location makes for cost effective transportation whether it be by land, sea, or air. By air, CDO is reachable through the Lumbia Airport, a major domestic airport. However, this airport will soon be replaced by the Laguindingan International Airport, the first international airport to service the southern portion of the country. Construction on this airport is set to be completed in June 2013.

Some of the other activities that CDO is famous for include sporting and tourism activities such as whitewater rafting, river trekking, and kayaking through the CDO rapids. Every year, the city celebrates the Kagay-an Festival which celebrates the city's patron saint, Saint Augustin. This two-week festival features agricultural trade fairs, cultural street dancing parades and competitions, and a culinary show, exhibit, and competition hosted by hotel and restaurant professionals in Mindanao.

The warmth and welcoming nature of the local residents make CDO a great place to stay whether for business or pleasure. This, coupled with the city's strong economic background has lead to many businesses and expatriates to choose to stay in the city.

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