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Dagupan: Milk Fish Capital of the Philippines

The City of Dagupan, located north of Manila, is a major commercial and financial center in its region. It is located in the province of Pangasinan and is also a center for modern medical services, media, and communication. The city is also fast becoming the center of trade, education, banking, and community development in the Ilocos Region. Historically, the city was already a regional market center for the surrounding region. In the local vernacular, the city's name translates to mean 'gathering place' signifying its being a major economic, political and academic center in Northern Luzon for centuries.

In 2008, the city was recognized by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center and the Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project (PCCRP) in 2009 as one of the Philippines' most competitive small-sized cities outside the capital, Manila. Within the city, there is a high concentration of banks and financial institutions as well as several malls, supermarkets, and multi-national food chains. Dagupan city was also the first local government unit to implement to the Electronic Commerce Law which allows business transactions to be done over the internet with speed and ease.

Being a center for aquaculture, Dagupan is also known as the Bangus Capital of the World being one of the top producers of milkfish. The city yearly celebrates the Bangus Festival wherein the city's inhabitants come together to barbecue large amounts of milkfish. Most of the land in the area is used primarily for agricultural purposes with the rest being used for commercial, industrial, institutional, and government purposes. The rich local cuisine and native delicacies are something to look forward to when visiting the city.

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