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Laoag: Northern Gateway of the Philippines

Located in the province of Ilocos Norte, the city of Laoag is a first class city and is the capital of the province. As the province's capital, the city of Laoag also serves as the political, commercial, and industrial hub of Ilocos Norte. The city is also the center of the North Luzon Growth Quadrangle (NorthQuad), a growth zone for northern provinces designated by the Philippine government. Situated 45 minutes by air north of the Manila, the nation's capital, the city is serviced by the Laoag International Airport. The Laoag International Airport is the sole airport in the Ilocos region and is serviced by the airlines Cebu Pacific, Sky Pasada, Philippine Airlines, and South East Asian Airlines. By sea, Laoag is accessible by the Currimao Port, making the city a key entry point for goods and services. By land, the city is reachable through an extensive road and highway system. Laoag is located 488 kilometers north of Manila, making it a 10-14 hour drive from the capital.

Within the city, there are more than 2 dozen banking and financial institutions. In its central business district, there is a diversified mix of establishments including hotels, restaurants, banks, commercial office spaces, among others. Currently, most industries in the city are small in terms of scale, mainly consisting of food processing factories, rice mills, jewelry making, construction material factories and metal crafts. Some of the emerging industries in the city include telecommunications. Given the the city's industry is still on the rise, this further strengthens the fact that the city has great potential in terms of business and growth. In terms of infrastructure, the city is well connected through an elaborate road network, bridges, and telecommunications. Through the city's Zoning Ordinance, large areas of commercial spaces are available for leasing. The city is also very rich in human capital with its people described as industrious, resilient, patient, and hardworking by its local government. As the northernmost city in the country, it is strategically located and well-poised for business and trade relations to neighboring countries.

As the tourism gateway to the North Luzon Tourism Hub, the city was awarded by the Kalakbay Awards as the Best Tourist Destination of 2001 and is a Hall of Fame Awardee for being the Cleanest and Greenest Component City from 2000-2002. Some of Laoag's most famous attractions include the sand dunes of Suba, the San Agustin Church, the Burgos Lighthouse, and the Coral Formations of Currimao.

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