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Lipa: The Rome of the Philippines

One of the three major cities of the province of Batangas, the city of Lipa is located 78 kilometers south of the nation's capital, Manila. Nearby are the cities of Batangas and Tanuan. The city is easily accessible from Manila through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway. Travel from Manila to the city of Lipa takes only a little over an hour making the city very accessible while being located at a good distance away from Metropolitan Manila. Within the city, the main modes of transportation include tricycles, jeepneys, vans, and buses. While there is currently no airport in the city, there have been plans to convert the Basilio Fernando Airbase into an international airport. Soon the city will be able to receive both local and international flights as well as quick and easy shipments of cargo to and from the city.  

Lipa City is a center for recreation, religion, commerce, industry, and education. While Tagalog is the vernacular in this city, the medium of instruction used in schools is English, making the educated workforce well-versed in the language and easily able to work with foreign institutions or clients. This is also evident in the fact that the city's literacy rate is at the high level of 98.27%, signifying that the workforce is skilled and ready.

One of the benefits of locating your business in the city is that it is naturally protected against natural disasters by the two mountains bounding the valley it is located in. Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot make for natural protection against most natural disasters unlike other disaster-prone cities in the country. While was previously highly agricultural in terms of industry, today it has grown to accommodate other industries such as medicine, commerce, finance, and the agro-industry.  The city was also ranked 6th in the Top Ten Next Wave Cities of 2010.

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