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Dumaguete: The University Town of the Visayas

Called "The City of Gentle People", Dumaguete City is the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental in Central Visayas. It was proclaimed as a city in 1948 and is the principal seaport of the province. The city is easily accessible by land, air, and sea. By land, the city is accessible through three major roads namely Veterans Avenue, Perdices Street, and Rizal Boulevard. Within the city, tricycles, jeepneys, and taxis are the main modes of transportation, with bus transport available for travel outside the city. By air, Dumaguete city is reachable through the Sibulan Airport which is also known as the Dumaguete Airport. There are several daily flights from Manila, the country's capital, to Dumaguete from the airlines Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. By sea, the city is easily accessible by ferry from Cebu.

Dumaguete City's industry primarily driven by tourism, education, retailing, business process outsourcing (BPO), and other information technology activities. Within the BPO industry, aside from contact centers, Dumaguete also has BPOs ranging from publishing, medical transcription, animation, editing, and architectural outsourcing. Truly, Dumaguete's outsourcing capabilities are varied and a company looking for a BPO one-stop shop would do well to explore the opportunities that Dumaguete has to offer. Some of the most notable BPO companies already present in the city include Teletech, Qualfon, and Spi Global.

Dumaguete is also well-known for its educational institutions, being the home of Silliman University, the first American private in Asia. Many young people come to the city to pursue their continuing education as there are many universities and colleges of well-repute within the city. This is why the city is also referred to as a university town and is also known as the "center of learning in the south." Many many notable people have come from the city including acclaimed writers Edith and Edilberto Tiempo and National Artist for Cinema and Broadcast Arts Eddie Romero. Tourism is also very much alive in the city, being among the top ten most visited cities in the Philippines.

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