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In the early 60s, Makati was a mere grassland. Today, the city has developed into the country's financial district and major cultural and entertainment hub. Makati features five-star hotels, posh bars, first-class shopping malls, business hubs, skyscrapers, and elite residential properties. The city embodies the Philippines' brand of hip and modern urban lifestyle.

Makati offers plenty of shopping, leisure, and entertainment options:

  • food
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • cinemas
  • amusement stores
  • handicrafts
  • furniture

The city caters to various lifestyles and personalities. If you are an outdoor lover who longs to be close to nature, Makati features green parks that are perfect for afternoon or night strolls. It features landscaped gardens, lagoons, and man-made waterfalls. If you are a business traveler, Makati is the ideal place for short stays--it is close to the airport and international hotels that offer world-class services and accommodations. If you are a foodie, Makati has plenty of restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines. And lastly, if you love attending social events and late-night parties, Makati is home to a wide array of restaurants and bars offering plenty of options for nightlife activities.

There are also several historical sites in the city, some of which will transport you back to the era of Spanish and American occupation in the Philippines. You will be fascinated by the architectural structure and collection of ancient photographs that will give you a glimpse of Makati's rich history.

With its large selection of commercial establishments, a Makati office space is a great place to start your business. It is the address of choice of numerous local and international corporate headquarters. Foreign-owned businesses prefer setting up shop in this city, not just because of its lifestyle options, but also because it offers access to an educated workforce, top-notch utilities, and tax incentives.