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Philippine weather in the next three months (July, August, September) looks bleak, according to PAG-ASA's forecast. With monsoons and tropical cyclones expected to hit the country, upcoming storms and rainfalls are likely to cause extreme flooding, especially in low-lying areas. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the following measures to avoid being caught off-guard in case of emergency.

Invest in home repairs. Make sure your walls do not have cracks or breaks that can allow water to seep through. Apply waterproofing sealant on walls with minor cracks and holes. Check the drainage on your roof. Remove impediments such as leaves, small branches and twigs, and other objects that can hinder the flow of water. Have a professional look at your drains and pipes and install additional pipes or gutter-and-downspout systems to ensure a more effective flow of rainwater.

Prepare your home to reduce possible floodwater damage. Use rugs to cover your tiles, instead of fitted carpets to make it easier to dry affected areas. Choose water-resistant materials on your kitchen and bathroom such as stainless steel or plastic. Build elevated shelves or cabinets where you can store appliances and other valuables in case of indoor flooding.

Stock up on sandbags. By piling and placing sandbags around your home, you can create a flood barrier that can divert water to a different direction or decrease its flow speed and level. Choose a heavy-bodied or sandy soil to fill the sandbags, instead of coarse sand or rocky soils.

Protect your home's electrical systems. Place switches, sockets, and wiring at least one foot away from expected flood level to avoid electrocution as well as causing damage to your appliances.

Preparation is the key to avoid flooding disasters, but sometimes, it might not be enough. If you live in an area with a high-risk flood zone, it would be best to consider transferring to a new location. Our team of residential real estate professionals can help you find the perfect flood-free home. Contact us today.