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Should you opt for a serviced office or a conventional office? Whether it is in a serviced office in Makati or a massive office space in other Metro Manila CBDs, office location is one of the key business decisions that can encourage or hinder your company's success. Choosing the wrong office space won't only affect your employees' morale or your clients' perception of your business, it may also disrupt your company's cash flow and affect the overall efficiency of its operations. To help you decide, KMC MAG Group came up with a simple comparison between a serviced office and a conventional office. This infographic is designed to help you find out which type of office is right for your business.

Some important notes:

  • Serviced offices are ideal for start-ups that need a quick, cost-efficient, and flexible office space solution.
  • Conventional office spaces are ideal for established or experienced businesses that have a more stable and predictable growth.
  • For businesses that do not have enough manpower or resources to maintain an office space, a serviced office would be a better option. Serviced offices already have the furniture, facilities, and amenities (reception area, security, cleaning, maintenance, etc.) needed to make a space look professional and presentable.
  • A conventional office space, however, offers more flexibility in terms of office layout and design. It is the better option for multinational or large-scale companies that follow a standard of branding and office space design.
  • Serviced offices provide more flexibility in leasing terms and require no capital expenditure. On the other hand, conventional office spaces require substantial initial capital costs but offer more security in tenure and more predictable increase in rental rate.
  • A conventional office space would make a good real estate investment, provided that the right rental rate is followed and that the space would immediately and consistently be occupied by tenant companies.

Are you searching for a serviced office or thinking about investing in a conventional office space? Contact KMC MAG Group for more information about available office space options that suit your business and investment needs.