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When it comes to property management in the Philippines, you want the job to be done accurately and consistently. To accomplish this, you would need a good, reliable, and experienced property manager. With the active real estate sector, property management in the Philippines has become more competitive over the past few months. Because there is much potential to be tapped, there's no better time to invest in property than now. With this in mind, here are a few signs that you're hiring a good property manager:

  1. They have vast knowledge and experience.  This isn't the time to experiment and to take chances with neophytes in the industry. You know you're hiring a good property manager if the company has a comprehensive portfolio and exceptional track record.
  2. They put a premium on regular communication. Any business relationship is a weak  one without comprehensive and consistent communication. If the property manager you've hired regularly checks in with you and keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments about your property, this is definitely a good sign.
  3. The cost is fair. While you shouldn't expect to pay next-to-nothing for top-notch property management services, you shouldn't break the bank when it comes to paying your property manager's fees either. A good property manager charges rates that are reasonable and fair.
  4. They provide monthly or quarterly statements. Every peso counts and it's only fair to demand a detailed breakdown of expenses for your records and safekeeping. A good property manager is honest and should have no problem furnishing you with a copy.
  5. They handle repairs and maintenance. Most owners hire a property manager to take the responsibility of looking after the property off their hands. This includes repair and maintenance that need to be carried out.

Maintaining and increasing the asset's value are the main reasons to hire a professional property management firm. To get an up-to-date and accurate property management advice, contact KMC MAG Group. Our team is both experienced and qualified to handle commercial office buildings.