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The holiday season brings in the cheer and the laughter. And one great way to keep this merriment and festive spirit alive is to decorate the home and the office for the holiday. This can definitely light up the mood and can be a great way to show your creative side. For sprucing up the home and the office, here are some neat holiday design ideas:

Use a well-decorated tree. Also add some flowers and plants, if you want.

You can never really go wrong with a well-decorated tree. This can be a centerpiece or a focal point of holiday displays at home or in the office. But you don't have to be confined with the traditional holiday tree that's big, colorful, and sometimes glittery. Some decoration trees are made of paper, cardboard boxes, and other fancy materials. The smaller ones can be placed on desks and corners to jazz up the space.

You can add some reds and greens and enhance the space by bringing in some plants and flowers. They can add more colors and create a lighter, festive environment at home and in the office. Pines and poinsettias would be great for Christmas, for instance, while daisies and sunflowers would also be a neat display during Easter or any other holiday. For the Halloween, pumpkins and gourds could be turned into a decorative piece.

Hang some decorative lights. Light up the space and set the mood with the perfect color and tone.

Decorative lights can definitely make the space and decorations pop. These can be a perfect accent to holiday ornaments with the right color scheme and tone. You can use white lights if you want to keep the space neat and simple, with a touch of sophistication or elegance. If you want something edgy, fun, or lively, you can use colorful lighting to match the decoration or bring in the holiday cheer with your creative designs.

A wide range of solar, incandescent, and LED lighting options do exist, so before you pick anything, check out the designs and styles. The styles vary from mini lights, wide-angle lights, net lighting, and icicle types to C5, C6, C7, C9, and G12 raspberry lights. You can also use lanterns and other lighting fixtures. Just don't overdo it. Maintain balance and, if possible, stick to the overall design and theme that you can carry through in all the decorations.

Deck the halls, walls, corners, and even the ceilings with the right ornaments. Go for a unified look.

Red and green are common color choices for holiday displays and decorations. Aside from these, you can also explore other color combinations that will best suit the space at home or in the office. For instance, you can use silver or gold and match it with more striking colors to make the decoration shine. Try to decorate in clusters and find a good theme or design, so the entire look won't appear cluttered or random.

In some offices, decorations are done for every cluster or cubicle. Some cubicles are designed as candy houses, while others are transformed into a full-blown cubicle village. At home, you can also decorate each section of the house with a specific design idea or theme.

Bring out bowls of fruits and candies. Baskets of goodies will be a great treat.

Fill those bowls with candies, chocolates, fruits, and other sweet treats. Not only is it nice to have something to nibble, but these baskets of goodies can also add colors to the design and can be great accessories for the holiday cheer.

Any design ideas you'd like to share for this season? Email us to share your photos of your decorated office or home and have it featured on our blog.