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Makati is dubbed as the 'New York City' of the Philippines. Though the city doesn't have its own version of the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty, what it lacks in iconic landmarks, it can very well make up with the cosmopolitan lifestyle it offers to urban dwellers. Here, you can live life to the fullest with the space and lifestyle of your choice. The city has a variety of living space options to offer, from simpler, comfortable condo towers to the most luxurious residential skycrapers. Condo living here can take you closer to modern conveniences and will let you have a taste of the city's vibrant culture and exciting night life.

Here's what condo living in Makati is really like:

Get the best retail offerings in the city.

Luxury and lifestyle shopping centers here don't just provide you with upscale shopping choices but also lush greenery and relaxing scenery in the middle of the city. Whether you want to wine and dine or simply shop around, you can definitely have a leisurely walk around the entertainment and shopping district in Makati. It has tens and thousands of commercial and retail establishments in the area, so you won't easily run out of choices.

On a weekend, you can buy local food items, imported goods, and organic options at the Salcedo and Legaspi weekend markets.

Have a taste of the art and music scene.

Makati is home to numerous art galleries, concert venues, auditoriums, and museums. If you live for art or can appreciate great talent or immense creativity, you can definitely enjoy the music and art scene here. The city offers plenty of options to feed an artist's soul or bring out your artistic side. Enjoy the vibrant culture; be part of the art-loving crowd.

Satisfy your gastronomic cravings in the city’s wide variety of restaurants.

Makati can very well be a foodie's paradise. In every street or corner of its entertainment district or even its business center, you can find a good variety of food choices, from local recipes to different cuisines around the globe. This is where you can have a taste of more than a few specialties. Wine and dine in the city's gourmet restaurants or simply grab a bite with family and friends at numerous bistros that offer a platter of goodness depending on your taste, whether it's Mexican, Japanese, or Asian cuisine you crave for. All you have to do is explore.

Enjoy city living to the fullest with various leisure and entertainment choices.

The city is bustling with business activities on regular weekdays. But at night, the city transforms into a dynamic entertainment and leisure hub. Makati doesn't just satisfy the cravings of a foodie with its seemingly endless gastronomic choices but also brings out the fun-loving you with various options for clubbing, relaxation, sports, and other activities. The fun doesn't end till the wee hours of the morning. Whatever kind of fun you have in mind after a strenuous day at work, Makati's entertainment district can cater to your wishes and cravings.

Live conveniently in a city that offers the best work opportunities and lifestyle choices.

Makati condos seem to offer the complete package-a home address that lets you live, work, and play rather conveniently. As the country's financial capital, Makati provides you with plenty of opportunities for work and business. For struggling young professionals and business executives in training, it's good to know that top graduate schools are within the vicinity (Ateneo de Manila Professional Schools, Asia Institute of Management, and DLSU School of Business). Traveling in and around the city is quite easy, thanks to its pedestrian-friendly underpasses and sidewalks and a good number of commuting options from the MRT and shuttles to jeepneys and buses. You can feel safe working late at night or going places till after midnight. After all, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the metropolis. People from other cities and localities choose to live or relocate in Makati also because of great healthcare benefits to its residents (subsidized hospitalization and free outpatient services) and other services (funeral, education, etc.).