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Property developers and real estate investors may find themselves competing with other projects within the same block. In a crowded market, selling a property can get really tricky. Even with the finest structure, the best-designed space, and the most strategic location, offers won't just come rolling in. Sometimes, it requires a great dose of creativity, a dash of innovation, and a full-on marketing game plan to achieve a profitable sellout. Selling just the property itself isn't always the best strategy. Expert marketers with a good batting average in marketing and sales understand that success in this field has much to do with selling the brand and creating the perfect image: the kind of workspace, business, or personal life tenants or buyers can create in that property. If the project is nowhere near its targets and sales goals, it may be time to consider hiring a project marketing firm.

When to hire a project marketing firm

  • When extensive and in-depth market research and consulting is required in developing or staging a property
  • When the company needs unbridled access to all the right marketing tools for media exposure and client representation
  • When market strategies and campaigns aren't working and branding is executed poorly
  • When the property/development isn't gaining enough attention from the target market
  • When the property/development is near completion and there's still not enough reservations or units pre-sold
  • When sales target for the property/development isn't reached within a year
  • When direct competitor(s) are attracting more offers and getting a bigger share of the market

Advantages of working with a project marketing team

  • Developers/Landlords can take full advantage of the expertise and insights of real estate experts and marketing specialists who know the area and market very well. 
  • The team can provide not just crucial information through market research but also the tools needed for better returns on investment.
  • Marketing assets/collaterals (press releases, print, online, and outdoor advertisements, electronic and print brochures, multi-media presentations, dedicated Website pages, etc.) can be customized to create a product that can sell quickly and can connect with its target audience easily.
  • The team can create the most effective marketing strategies with access to the most effective tools for branding, market positioning, and other services such as sales or leasing negotiations. 
  • A group of real estate marketing experts can launch and market real estate developments and properties with greater success because of their established network of contacts and affiliates in the industry. 
  • The project marketing team can execute various marketing strategies skillfully given its years of experience and established expertise in disseminating information and launching campaigns across different media platforms, ensuring brand recall, and providing market solutions and consulting advice to developers of mixed-use, commercial, and residential properties.