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Christmas is just around the corner, and like everybody else, you'd want to keep the holiday cheer in your condo unit alive. But how can you do that if your living room doesn't allow for an 8-foot Christmas tree? Well, with a little bit of creativity, you can give your condo that festive vibe and make it a great place to go home to during the holidays. Don't let that small space hold you back and let your imagination flow. Here are some interesting decorating ideas for your condo:

Go mini with your Christmas tree.

Who says you can't have a Christmas tree right inside your tiny living space? A miniature Christmas tree can be the focal point of your holiday decoration. Add more color to your condo by decorating the tree with vibrant ornaments. You can also go for neutral tones like silver, white, or gold to give it a classy, elegant look. To make it pop, adorn it with the right lighting. The mini tree can be placed on a coffee table and be used as a centerpiece or can be set up right at the corner of the living room. This can also be placed in a decorated bucket. You can stack up colorfully-wrapped gifts underneath or place them beside the tree. You can even use merry holiday notes as decoration accessories or have a tiny Christmas village or carnival.

Serving holiday treats and sweets in a nice bowl doubles as instant decor.

Fill your bowls and trays with candies and cookies and prepare a basket of sweet treats. These goodies won't only satisfy your (and your guests') sweet cravings but will make your place feel homier. The Christmas treats can add more color to the space and create a more inviting atmosphere. Candy bowls, cookie jars, and treat baskets and trays can be placed on the coffee table, kitchen counters, shelves, dining area, and just about anywhere. Spread the sweet, enticing aroma and holiday cheer in every corner of your condo unit.

Take the wreaths and other greens indoors.

While we usually use a wreath outside the door, this can be brought inside and be used as an ornament for your holiday decor. This can be hung on the walls anywhere around the unit, along with other green ornaments like garlands. Wreaths can be left dangling in front of a mirror or any open wall space. This makes any small living space more relaxed but at the same time festive with its holiday feel.

Spread the holiday cheer on your ceilings, walls, and windows.

Even with a small floor space, you can find plenty of ways to decorate for the holidays. With strings of colorful ribbons and some hanging ornaments, you can easily decorate a wall, ceiling, or window and spruce up your condo with a dash of imagination and creativity. Let it reflect your personality, character, and sense of style. It doesn't have to be too fancy. In fact, DIY decorations could work wonders.

Transform your side table, bookshelves, and other furniture into a display piece.

Other than the usual spots, you can extend decorating into other areas such as your furniture. Instead of just stacking up or lining up books on the shelves, you can also hang some ornaments here. The tables can be transformed into a showpiece with the right selection of ornaments. Clear bowls filled with Christmas balls and other types of ornaments can be used, for example. Some candles on tables can also make the place seem cozier. Aside from these, you can also decorate the chairs and other furnishings. Whether you'll go monochromatic or will go for the more vibrant, eccentric style, make sure that the colors and decor will match the rest of the design palate for a more cohesive look.