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KMC Savills welcomes Dion Pagdonsolan, the company's latest addition to its landlord representation team.

Dion joined KMC Savills in April 2016, after working as a Leasing Executive at Cushman & Wakefield Philippines. In Cushman & Wakefield, Dion gained experience negotiating on behalf of multinationals and BPOs while also maintaining business partnerships with real estate companies and locators within CBDs and emerging markets.

In addition to working with Cushman & Wakefield, Dion has also worked with Megaworld Corporation as an Investment Consultant. His time at Megaworld enabled Dion to understand the real estate industry and analyze it from various perspectives, making him better positioned to match KMC Savills clients with properties that fulfill specific requirements.

As an Assistant Manager for KMC Savills Landlord Representation Team, Dion is responsible for securing suitable tenants and leasing out the clients' office space within or earlier than their target deadline. 


The main reason Dion wanted to enter the KMC Savills family was the company culture, a culture Dion felt aligned very well with his own.

"KMC Savills is a young company where new ideas and fresh perspectives are heard. The ability to have a real impact on how we approach clients and deals convinced me that KMC Savills was the right company for me."

Dion goes on to say that KMC Savills is a very flexible firm that is willing to adapt their method of approaching any given development and client based on what works in a specific situation.

"Using a customized approach often leads to better results, and in an industry where the circumstances are constantly changing, flexibility is key when leasing out the clients office space quickly."

So far, Dion's time at KMC Savills have been pleasant and according to him, it has been a comfortable transition moving from Tenant Representation to Landlord Representation. He also appreciates the feeling of being a valued member of the team.

"I feel that my experience and capabilities are utilized to its fullest, and this is something that keeps the work interesting."

We wish Dion the best of luck and hope that he will continue enjoying working with the team for the coming years.