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The British Chamber of Commerce Philippines hosted its latest trade mission in Iloilo City last March 8, 2018. This Iloilo Trade and Investment Forum invited the biggest names in the business community, members of the local government and other relevant stakeholders to talk about the importance and forms of innovation in the country.   

British Embassy's  Department of International Trade Director Mike Moon also explains why an innovative PH market is incredibly important to investments and how it can affect the country's trade with European Union.  He also noted that with the Philippines' inclination towards technology, UK products are seen everywhere in the country.   

Innovations in the country is not hard to come by.  In the agricultural sector, Jun Arro of East West Seeds talks about the success of various innovation in the industry through seedlings and plant grafting.  The business sector is also working towards more innovative locations or ways to operate their businesses.   

ARUP Associate Director Adrien Mardsen talked about the innovations in urban planning and design through "smart cities". 3D digital printing and structural components now allow for better cities resulting in better development.   

With city regeneration and mass motion technology, smart cities can maximize spaces, making it a walkable and livable place for the people Mardsen also said that the future cities will advocate for greener spaces with good water management. According to him, the goal now is to build infrastructure that will last for 20 to 25 years.   

The office market is also looking forward to its own trailblazing evolutions. Trends and Concepts President Jose Bantiling talked about revolutionizing the workplace with more collaboration. Huddle areas in flexible co-working spaces allow for freer locations that will change the overall dynamic of the workplace. He  also reiterated that robots cannot replace people but "Technology is a friend and innovation is the tool."  

Businesses can also predictably benefit from the software industry who is moving to innovate by showcasing new security mechanisms, monitoring applications, and highly advanced database for ease of operations Beginning enterprises also need to worry less about kickstarting their innovation as PNB President Gerry Valenciano highlighted the banks' openness to developing businesses in the Philippines.  

But innovation  usually  comes with the talks of security and infringement. According to Atty. Claire Coral, intellectual  property laws have a stronghold in the country and plays a  vital role in protecting these innovations because it grants exclusive rights to its creator.  Data shows that the Philippines is currently  far  behind Thailand in the Global Innovation Index and thus, innovators are persistently encouraged to utilize the IP systems in place.