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Alabang was not always known as the business district it is today. Far before it had its economic boom, this part of Muntinlupa City was a farmland and was more of an extension of the southern provinces of Luzon than part of Metro Manila.

Today, it is one of the booming satellite cities at par with its contemporaries north of the metropolis. It remains to be an attractive destination for multinational companies and other forms of enterprise given its accessibility and economically-savvy features. In fact, PEZA made Alabang a special economic zone, granting business locators in the area tax incentives and income tax holidays.

But more than being a business hub, Alabang has always been one of the frontrunners of advocating a live-work-play community for its residents, as well as the employees working in this part of the city. Despite being one of the youngest cities in the Philippines, it has already become one of the most advanced cities in the country in terms of competitiveness and quality of life for its residents. Besides commercial buildings and offices, many hospitality and leisure locators, residential developments, retail, shopping and dining destinations, entertainment hubs, wellness spots, schools, and hospitals are located.

In recent years Muntinlupa City was named as the Most Business-Friendly City in the Philippines by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was among the Top 3 Most Competitive Highly Urbanized Cities in Government Efficiency by the National Competitive Council.

Gateway to the South of Luzon

Alabang is an ideal location for businesses and companies which are trying to expand to the south of Luzon. Many BPO companies have already started locating and operationalizing outside Metro Manila and Alabang bridges the gap between the metropolis and Laguna and Cavite, which are beginning to be an extension of Manila’s urban layout.

Cosmopolitan Culture

The government of Muntinlupa aimed to make Alabang “a breathing and living city where everyone could flourish and enjoy a multidimensional and cosmopolitan lifestyle with nature as a refreshing backdrop”. This made way to a new cultural demographic among the population in Manila, dubbed as the “Southerners”. Residents of Muntinlupa, specifically Alabang need to travel far for good shopping and quality entertainment thanks to two of their local malls who are known for carrying high-end brands, top-tier restaurants, and an array of upscale lifestyle choices.

Public Spaces Knitting the Community

The government makes it a point to balance the technological mapping of the city and the green spaces available for the public. Alabang is also known for its family-friendly and community-oriented environment. Many surrounding parks and public spaces are free and open for the locals to use and provide options for recreation and relaxation.

Beyond business, Alabang serves as the perfect suburban atmosphere to build, grow and nurture a family within Metro Manila. However, its strongest suit still lies on its capacity of being one of the highly technological cities in the Philippine capital which attracts more multinational companies to locate in this booming business district. Office space rates in Alabang are relatively cheaper compared to other Metro Manila CBDs. It also now offers co-working spaces to accommodate startups and other small-to-medium enterprises.