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Feel secure even in the comforts of your rental home. Make moving into a new place a peaceful and hassle-free experience by applying easy fixes to protect your home.  Picking the correct residential location might play a big role in ensuring  that  a property  is always guarded but  it's better to be extra safe than sorry. 

Here are  simple  and portable measures to add another line of defense:

  • Set up surveillance cameras  
In the age of advanced technology, setting up security cameras is a wise move.  Aside from  its intimidating feature, owners or tenants can check who's at the door without sacrificing their security. Some cameras  can be connected with a smartphone or computer for  remote monitoring anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure movable installations 
Sliding doors and windows must be secured with additional locks  to remove all vulnerabilities.  The glass in patio doors and windows  can easily be broken  into  so it's imperative that  it receives additional protection  such as automated alarms.  Entrance to and from balconies must also  be  checked for any possible weaknesses as an added security measure.
  • Utilize door stops 
When it comes to securing temporary  dwellings, portability is  also  important. Door stops are effective in  barring entrance from a home.  Some door stops also have a built-in alarm system that will notify you immediately if there are any forced entry in the home.
  • Alarms  and automatic timers are your friends 
Alarms  and automatic timers  can make securing a home extra convenient.  Most alarms can be triggered by vibrations  and can produce a sound whenever it recognizes forced entries.  These easy-to-install alarms can act as both a deterrent and an alert system for your property. 
Smart  home timers can also be installed and integrated  into  the home's  lighting, entertainment system,  and  other  automated systems. Timers are used to make the place look occupied so that it will be less vulnerable to intruders.
  • DIY  security sets are more accessible 
Do-it-yourself home security systems are also now available. This is a more cost-effective  alternative to avoid permanent installations and expensive service contracts. It is easy to install and built in a portable manner so it can be removed  easily  once a tenant decides to change places.   
  • Be in touch with the police 
It is also wise to have the emergency number to the local police in your vicinity for  any  urgent or  desperate situation. The local police can help you assess the area and list down all possible  threats or security risks  of your home.  
  • Invest in portable lighting 
Well-lit home and surroundings  can be quite useful in deterring  possible security risks. Floodlights can  also  cover and illuminate larger areas of the home and its surrounding areas. Adding motion sensors can help intimidate and avoid any unwanted burglary or intrusions to your home.  
  • Fake it with intimidating installations 
Sometimes, a simple equipment placement can strengthen the security of a home. Clever placement of CCTV signs or non-operational security cameras with red blinking lights can  scare away potential threats and it will also not cost much.
  • Renter's insurance is key 
Some insurance firms offer additional protection for your rental home. If availed, you can be reimbursed in case there are any unavoidable access to your home during your period of stay.  This can also cover other predicaments such as water and smoke damage  that will become a worthy investment in the long run.

Securing your home does not have to be a painful experience  especially for tenants. There are  portable and  easy-to-apply alternatives to  utilize  that will surely make you feel right at home.

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