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Despite the massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, condominium properties continue to be one of the most in-demand real estate asset classes in the Philippines. As the government continues its vaccination drive against COVID-19, some remain optimistic that the country’s economy is on its way to recovery in the near future.

As the pandemic significantly altered the way people live and work, many are reconsidering the priorities they set in city living as the rapid urbanization of city centers affects public health and the environment.

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Environmental Impacts of Rapid Urbanization

As of 2020, 47.4% of the country’s population are currently residing in urban areas and cities. Job opportunities in Metro Manila and other key locations across the Philippines are the main drivers of domestic migration. Furthermore, condominiums and high-rise residential developments provide a more affordable and convenient alternative to new city dwellers, compared to the steep prices of houses and lots in the capital’s central areas.

The most detrimental impacts caused by rapid urbanization are on the environment. Construction and building operations often result in poor air and water quality, inadequate clean water, and compounding waste problems.

In order to effectively address the environmental degradation and its further impacts, leading developers set their sights and efforts in creating sustainable and greener communities for future generations of homeowners.

Going Green in Condominium Living

Green buildings are considered an initiative that focuses on reducing the negative impacts of building construction and operations on the environment and improve the overall health and wellness of the community.

These developments are geared toward eco-friendly design, sustainable planning, and ensuring the best construction practices are followed. Reduced gas emissions, efficient use of resources such as energy and water, a healthy indoor environment, and longer-life structures are some of the unique features of green commercial and residential developments.

Leader in Green Real Estate

Identifying green properties is made easier for homeowners and investors today. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) provided a globally used rating system for green buildings. LEED-certified properties are guaranteed eco-friendly and sustainable, providing peace of mind to prospective buyers and tenants.

With an increase in green building construction across the metro and a growing number of homeowners looking to reduce their environmental footprint, sustainable properties are charting a favorable course in the Philippine real estate industry.

Advantages of Living in Green Condominiums

One of the top benefits of living in green condominiums and residential developments is its positive impact on the residents’ health. Green buildings offer clean air and water, making them more liveable and safer than other properties. Ample provisions for green spaces within condominium units and common areas significantly boost the overall well-being of the building’s inhabitants.

Moreover, energy efficiency and water-conservation design features are some of the leverages of green buildings. Designed to increase the use of natural lighting and ventilation, green condominiums require less energy to provide a comfortable and safe living space. Rainwater collection systems and facilities also provide an alternative water supply for the development.

Lastly, green condominiums are projected to increase in value over time due to their utilization of renewable and recyclable materials, adding to their sustainability and economic lifespan.

Adopting a Greener Lifestyle

The negative impacts of climate change and increasing environmental concerns necessitate the urgent shift to greener properties and communities. Green condominiums for rent and for sale featured in KMC’s residential listings are the prime choice for conscientious homeowners and real estate investors.

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