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While determining the value of any real estate property in the Philippines can depend on several factors, property owners can boost the value of their homes by preparing them before valuations.

Accurate real estate valuations are important when it comes to making strategic decisions in buying and selling real properties. Given real estate’s dynamic nature, this step is necessary to ensure profit and maximizing the return of investments in the long run.

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As one of the leading real estate firms in the country that offer Valuation and Appraisal Services, KMC lists down the top five tips that you can do to secure a higher valuation before listing your property in the market for sale:

Declutter your Property

A clean and neat home is always a good indicator of a well-maintained property. Before the inspection, make sure that the property is free of clutter and orderly. It would be helpful to stage the rooms to showcase their potential. Remove any superfluous items, and make sure to highlight the most unique and interesting areas of the property.

Mind the Exterior

Assessing the value of your home does not only include the interior of the house but also the exterior. Finish all repairs and renovations, such as exterior wall painting or roofing, needed prior to the inspection. Tidy up open and outdoor spaces including dens, gardens, and pools. Move parked vehicles that may obscure the view of the property.

Talk about the Neighborhood

Highlighting the location of your property may affect its appraisal value. Since the location of the property significantly impacts the value of the property, talk about the accessibility or exclusivity of the property. Let the appraiser know about any upcoming community plans such as new transport stops nearby or new commercial districts to be constructed around the area.

Be Patient

A valuation inspection can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the size of the property. Professional appraisers usually produce their reports at least a day or two after the visit.

Tap the Industry Experts

Valuations and appraisals should be performed and conducted by licensed real estate professionals. The process involves an accurate and methodical collection of data that would be necessary for the estimation of a property’s market value.

Professional appraisers and valuation experts are key roles in making strategic decisions in real estate investment. Backed by their knowledge and expertise, clients are equipped to make informed decisions in protecting their assets and getting maximum investment returns.

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KMC’s team of expert appraisers and assessors collaborate to estimate, negotiate, and arrive at the smartest and favorable real estate decisions. Operating on a global scale and a wide database of a local network, KMC provides the latest market data and retrospective value in residential, office, retail, and industrial properties. The team also assists in and performs appraisal and assessment services for taxation purposes in the Philippines.

Need assistance in determining the value of your property? Know how KMC’s Valuation and Appraisals team can help you! Reach out to Rose Ann Gabriel at (+63) 917-800-5453. You may also contact us by calling (+63) 2-8403-5519 or sending an email to [email protected].