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As the leading real estate brokerage and consultancy firm in the Philippines, KMC is known to service and match companies with the perfect commercial, retail, industrial, or residential space for their business. Covering hundreds of thousands of square meters across the country, the company has also cultivated a space where strong women work together and empower each other, continuously building a world without glass ceilings and gender inequality. 

While the real estate industry in the Philippines is arguably still dominated by men, more women leaders emerge every day. Society has been more progressive over the years in not assigning gender to career roles and defining jobs with stereotypes. 

“When I started 5 years ago, people would always tell me that there were not too many women in the real estate industry, so it was important to assert yourself amongst men. It's something that I have learned to take in and embody every day,” Ava Daza, one of the managers of the Tenant Representation team shared. 

Even coming from different fields prior to joining KMC, her colleagues agree that there is indeed an invisible line that divides the society’s view of what men and women can do. However, as more strong women advocate for change, the line started to get blurred and conventions started to change. 

Kristine Repollo, KMC’s Administrative Manager for Property Management said, “There have been huge changes for women in terms of being valued and respect in different industries. Women nowadays have proven their worth and flaunted their strong capabilities as the decades go by.”

“There is indeed less discrimination in industries that have been identified as patriarchal in terms of structure and several women advocacies have been helping level out this stereotype,” Assistant Manager for Research and Consultancy Rose Ann Gabriel added. 

More than being one of the Proptech leaders in the Philippines, KMC is a gamechanger and innovator in recognizing and celebrating talent and dedication in the workplace. KMC Senior Director for Tenant Representation Karen Golez shared that the company has always been a ‘place of empowerment’ for women. 

“For as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by like-minded, powerful women in KMC Savills - from my direct superior to the composition of my team. Women are valued and given the same opportunities as men, if merit is due. And I think that kind of sets us apart from other firms and industries. Through the years, I have seen more and more women climbing up the ranks in the industry and that is quite refreshing.” 

Redefining the ‘New Normal’ 

Amid the global pandemic, KMC’s women have been continuously working to build a world where success and capability are not dependent on gender, but rather on skills, dedication, and hard work. As women leaders and hands-on mothers, these women redefine normal and exceed expectations that are placed on them. 

As a woman leader in the industry and as a mother to two young girls, Golez shares how important their roles in changing the status quo in real estate for the succeeding generations. “Being a career mother paved the way for a shift in mindset and were both somewhat similar in a sense that now, I had others looking up to me as a role model, so I better set a good example.” 

Monaliza Leyva also shared that being a mom to her children and a strong female figure to her team  enabled them to achieve their goals. "My scope is more than just being an executive assistant, especially working for one of the female bosses in the company. Working with empowered women sets an example that a mom like me can still achieve their goals while taking care of their family. It is never too late to work on your dreams especially if you have very supportive female colleagues."  

“Empowered women have made influential progress that has evolved the workplace for the better. They are changing the game and opening doors for future generations who will have more opportunities than we ever thought possible as women continue this path towards workplace equality,” Mye Lucena, the company’s Finance Director weighed in. 

Being a woman leader opens many doors in empowering fellow women in the industry. “I contribute by taking part in supporting, believing, and pushing the women around me to be better each day and to help them unravel their hidden talents by giving opportunities,” Virge Soriano, Manager for Investments shared. 

Women leaders in KMC redefine what is normal in the workplace by providing support to their fellow colleagues. “The best way I know how to empower the women in the company is the praise them for their good work and encourage them when I know they can be better,” Daza said.  

“I feel empowered when I am complimented and when I am criticized,” Repollo expressed. “Having fellow females behind my back is the extra boost of assurance I need at work.” 

Empowered women empower women 

Research says that when women work together, they become more impactful and successful. Studies have shown that women benefit from collaboration over competition, making women who support women become more successful in business. 

“I love working with women,” Daza shared. “Our team started off as all women and each of us had very different personalities, but we work towards one goal. Women tend to be more empathetic so it's easy to ask for a helping hand when you need one.” 

“KMC’s women are very competitive but synergistic at the same time. If it means closing a bigger deal or reaching a higher target – we are all for it,” Gabriel noted. “it feels good to surround yourself with strong, like-minded people who will push you to achieve your goals.” 

By working together to achieve a common goal, women leaders in KMC make a difference in the industry.  “When women work together, they dominate the workplace. Female colleagues offer assistance and support whenever I needed something to achieve a certain task,” Lucena shared. 

“I think women have this deep connection with each other that men don’t have. We understand each other’s plights and we look out for each other’s backs. I think and believe in general that when women collaborate, we achieve better results,” Golez agreed. 

KMC is proud of having a culture that sets up opportunities and empowers its employees regardless of gender, race, or even religion. In celebration of women’s strength and skills in corporate real estate, it highlights how women leaders continue to challenge norms and redefine success.  

Join our team of progressive and like-minded leaders! Connect with us to know how you can surround yourself with successful and empowered women in the industry. Contact our HR Manager, Karen Lou Lagac at [email protected] for more details.