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Inspired by the classic Bahay na Bato (House of Stone), Manta Corporate Plaza stood up to its design vision as it finally launches amid the pandemic on July 27, Wednesday

“Manta Corporate Plaza is unique on its own. Our architects designed the building with the objective of it not just becoming another boxed building. From the façade and interiors, you will appreciate that the design of MCP will be timeless even as it grows in years with its tenants,” Patricia Riingen, President of Manta Equities, Inc., said during the event. 

“The play on the Pinoy Bahay na Bato, the lighting, the metal cut-out designs, the green efficiency, the Club Lounge at the Penthouse for use by tenants as well as the roof deck garden and lounge all make Manta Corporate Plaza stand out versus other buildings,” she added. 
Manta Corporate Plaza is a 14-storey commercial building that offers premium office and retail spaces in the newest business and lifestyle district in Taguig City, Arca South. It features state-of-the-art technology that allows local and multinational businesses to thrive in a less dense, strategic location in the city. 

“We could only expect new design elements and considerations incorporated in the development of ARCA South from Ayala Land’s learnings from Makati and BGC. ARCA South will not just have your usual malls and retail and residential and commercial areas but also have 3 main parks: The Urban Promenade, Central Events Area, and the Family & Fitness Park promoting a healthy work—life balance,” Riingen shared. 
Arca South is an Ayala Land development which aims to be the leading office location in the southern part of Metro Manila. Accessible through main thoroughfares such as East Service Road, C5, and the future Arca Ramps connected to ths Skyway, and future South East Metro Manila Expressway (SEMME), Arca South is an intersection between the metro to the south of Luzon.  
Modern Day Bahay na Bato 

Manta Corporate Plaza serves to bring homage and honor to the Philippine cultural heritage. Designed by Archion Architects, it will be a modern adaptation of the “Bahay Na Bato.” It is structured to be a standout estate that will become the focal point of the township.  
“Manta Corporate Plaza takes its own spin on one of the most iconic Filipino structures,” Dan Lichauco, principal architect of Archion Architects explained. “The Bahay na Bato is a uniquely Filipino house. We wanted to create a very distinct character that will give you a very strong sense of place,” 



Landscaped, protruding balconies also make Manta Corporate Plaza stand out and identifiable among the buildings in Arca South. Committed to providing additional stress-relieving spaces within the community, this unique feature will allow people to relax and take breaks in between their working hours. 
“One of the key features of this project is the excellent ventilation as well as the roof deck gardens and balconies which turns out to be a perfect way to combat COVID-19 in the workplace,” Riingen said. 

Office in the New Normal 

“As we open Manta Corporate Plaza, we want to be a symbol of hope and signal the recovery of the property market in Taguig City,” Riingen shared. 

“Even before the pandemic, the building was designed to be conscious of helping promote the general well-being of tenant employees and realizing an individual’s need for open spaces to take a meal, to socialize, or just to destress from work. We are providing a fully equipped roof deck garden for the free use of tenant employees.” 

While awaiting completion of the various public infrastructure projects like the Taguig Integrated (Inter-modal transport) Terminal Exchange, Skyway Ramp, C6 extension, the North-South Commuter Rail Project, and the MegaManila Subway, among others, Manta will also be providing free shuttle services to and from the building and the South Service Road using an electronic vehicle.  

“All these public infrastructure projects will surely benefit the employees of our locators as accessibility and travel time is enhanced which should result in better health, well-being, and increased productivity for businesses,” she added. 

“COVID-19 affected almost everyone.  For us, the pandemic delayed the construction and completion of the project due to the lockdowns and strict implementation of safety protocols including physical distancing on the job site,” Riingen shared. “While the pandemic delayed the timeline of the project, it was lucky for us that the building’s design even prior to the lockdowns provides workspaces that do not compromise on the health of its occupants.  
KMC is the leasing partner of Manta Corporate Plaza. Guided by the same vision, the country’s most preferred full-service real estate firm is handling all office and retail leasing transactions for the commercial building.