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The Greater Metro Manila has been the center of commerce in the Philippines. However, with the congestion of infrastructure and development literally and figuratively stacking up the market, it has been more than obvious that the bottleneck is further contracting.

Addressing this problem, businesses are locating outside of the metro; among these new developments, Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) stands out to be the next center for economic growth in the coming years.

Clark Freeport and Economic Zone is a 32,000-hectare area spanning through Tarlac and Pampanga. With a large market consumption base of 21.3 million coming from Central Luzon and its surrounding regions, and with the development of transport infrastructure connecting Clark to Metro Manila, CFZ is set to be the next biggest mixed-use development in the country.


Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Clark today:

Special Economic Zone Incentives

Being one of the country’s special economic zones means locating in Clark is easier and more convenient. Businesses can enjoy multiple fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. Foreign companies who wish to establish their presence in the country can have a simpler process through the help of Clark Development Corporation’s one stop shop for business registration.


Disaster-Free Geographic Location

Clark’s advantage over other special economic zones (SEZ) is its disaster-proof location. The zone is 130 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountain ranges, and is far from active fault lines, making it one of the safest areas in the Philippines.


Convenient Transportation Routes

Visiting Clark is highly convenient and accessible. Highways such as the North Luzon Expressway easily connect the city to Manila with a travel time of only 45 minutes. The economic zone’s superior road network system offers a better way to go around the city with an improved public transport system and dedicated bike lanes. On top of this, the upcoming railway project from Metro Manila to Clark International Airport will be able to bring in more visitors and make it viable for people to work and live in Clark.


World-Class Infrastructure and Utilities

Clark is developed to be a self-sustainable aerotropolis complete with medical and telecom infrastructure, sustainable energy sources, a water treatment facility, a waste management facility, data centers, and a transport system. The city’s layout features wider road spaces with more open areas, offering more breathability and fresher air. Additionally, as a city that highly emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendliness, 60% of the city is dedicated to green spaces.


Large Labor Pool

Sourcing new talent for your business is easier in Clark with its large labor pool coming from the surrounding cities. Central Luzon has about 12 million residents and 59% of these residents 15 years old and above are part of the labor force. The region has 200 educational institutions producing 80,000 annual graduates, contributing to a multilingual, highly competent, and young workforce.

Additionally, with the upcoming completion of the North-South Railway Project and CRK’s new runways, sourcing labor from Its wide catchment area from nearby provinces and regions becomes easier.


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