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Moving into a post-pandemic world, sustainability and green practices have become top priorities for people and businesses. With issues such as climate change and the recent pandemic, consumers and businesses alike are shifting towards eco-friendly practices to lower our environmental impact and create a healthier environment.

The real estate sector has the biggest influence on people's surroundings. Buildings account for 40% of carbon emissions around the world. In addressing this problem, the real estate sector answers the call for sustainable development as developers build more green buildings or retrofit existing buildings with green systems and features.

What Makes a Green Building Green?

According to the World Green Building Council (WGBC), a green building is a building developed to create a space that promotes a healthier and more sustainable environment while mitigating the negative environmental impacts in its surrounding area. From its planning stage to maintenance, green buildings must abide by the guidelines of the World Green Building Council.

Green buildings typically come with green technology features such as energy and water-saving systems, dedicated green spaces and open areas, air ventilation systems, larger windows for natural lighting, and more. Aside from its positive impact on the environment, green buildings also create a healthier environment for the people both inside and outside the building through open spaces and greenery that can improve air quality.

Certifications for Green Developments

In the Philippines, the two widely used green certifications are the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and the Building for Ecologically Responsible Design Excellence (BERDE) certification. Both green certifications have the same goal: minimizing the negative environmental impact of developments.

LEED is the most recognizable green building rating system in the world for all building types. The objective of LEED is to serve as a framework for developers to create sustainable, healthy, and cost-saving buildings. Existing buildings and spaces can also be LEED certified through LEED for Operations and Maintenance, which aims to transform existing spaces into green spaces.

BERDE is the Philippines’ green building rating system to assist property developers in creating buildings that abide by the guidelines for creating a green building and follow environmental laws.

Green Building Maintenance Costs in the Long Run

A misconception about green buildings is that they are more expensive to maintain. However, with resource-saving features such as water and energy-saving systems, green buildings can help reduce the number of resources used in the building.

Green buildings not only promote a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment, but they also save on your total operations and maintenance costs in the long run.


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