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From tourism to logistics, airports have been a vital component of global commerce and a country’s growth. These facilities see high foot traffic from thousands of visitors coming from various destinations around the world. Nowadays, with more people traveling compared to the previous two years, airports are becoming an ideal location for businesses in any industry.

If you are a business owner looking for a new location, you might want to consider locating it in an airport, given its multiple benefits. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider locating your business inside an airport.

Convenient access to transportation

Airports are typically located in an area that is connected to main highways and roads that allow easy access to and from the city center and its surrounding areas. Airports also have a variety of public transportation terminals such as taxiways and train stations, making it easier for passengers and employees to get to and from the place. In the case of logistics and transportation of goods, some airports have dedicated roads connected to main roads, which make it more efficient to transport supplies into the city.

High security

Given that airports are main entry and exit points when visiting a new location, the entire area has enhanced security measures. This provides additional protection for your products and goods, thus minimizing the risk of theft, damage, and loss for your business while providing you with a safer business environment.

Unlimited foot traffic and Brand Exposure

Airports have thousands of visitors coming in and out of their terminals every day. This can be beneficial for your business as it exposes your business to a diverse set of potential customers. Additionally, this also assures you that you will have a constant stream of customers since people travel daily.

Tax Exemption Benefits

Airports and businesses located inside Free Economic Zones (FEZ) enjoy multiple fiscal and non-fiscal incentives such as tax- and duty-free exemptions of equipment and raw materials, VAT exemptions, and easier processing of business documents. With these granted benefits, your business can maximize cost savings and do business easier.

Clark International Airport

Situated in the Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ), Clark International Airport is a 1,600-hectare airport designed to be the premier gateway to the Philippines. Handling local and international flights daily, the airport has a capacity of serving approximately 8 million passengers annually.

Clark International Airport Complex offers opportunities to invest in the Clark Freeport Zone. The airport offers commercial, office, and light industrial spaces for lease.


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