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Finding the ideal office space is essential for your business's success. KMC Savills is pleased to offer premier office spaces at PNB Makati Center, formerly known as Allied Bank Center. Located in the heart of Makati, this office space provides a perfect blend of convenience, prestige, and modern amenities. This article explores the reasons why PNB Makati Center could be your ideal office location.


Prime Location

PNB Makati Center is situated in one of the most prestigious business districts in the Philippines. Its central location offers easy access to major commercial establishments, banks, restaurants, and public transportation, ensuring convenience for both employees and clients. Locating in a prime address adds a level of credibility and prestige to your business.

Heart of the CBD: PNB Makati Center is strategically located along Ayala Avenue, granting immediate access to prestigious corporations, financial institutions, and a vibrant business district.

Seamless Connectivity: MRT stations and major thoroughfares are readily accessible, ensuring convenient commutes for your employees and clients.


Timeless Amenities

The office spaces at PNB Makati Center are equipped with amenities that last through the years to meet the demands of today’s businesses. The building features  ample parking space, and well-maintained facilities. These amenities create a comfortable and efficient working environment, boosting productivity and enhancing employee satisfaction.


Flexible Office Solutions

Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or a large corporation, KMC Savills offers flexible office solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From small office suites to larger corporate spaces, you can find the perfect office layout that fits your needs. Flexible lease terms are also available to accommodate your business’s growth and changes.


Professional Image

Choosing an office space at PNB Makati Center enhances your company’s professional image. The prestigious address in Makati adds a level of credibility and prestige to your business, helping you attract clients and top talent. This professional image can give your business a competitive edge in the market.


Why Choose KMC Savills?

KMC Savills is a leading real estate services provider in the Philippines, renowned for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By partnering with KMC Savills, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you find the best office space that meets your business needs.

In conclusion, PNB Makati Center (formerly Allied Bank Center) offers premier office spaces that provide the perfect combination of location, amenities, and flexibility. With KMC Savills, you can elevate your business operations and position your company for success. Contact our Landlord Representation team today to explore available office spaces and take the first step towards a brighter future for your business.