Service: Tenant Representation

Client Requirement

NRG Global Solutions is an innovative BPO company that provides integrated customer lifecycle management services. Due to its robust growth, it plans to relocate and expand its office space in the Philippines to house its staff of around 100-200 employees.

Our Solutions

In line with the client’s initial requirement, the company devised a strategy to present the most comprehensive portfolio’s that can guarantee a favourable office space solution and accommodate the company’s future expansion. KMC Savills provided a 14,257.60 sq. ft. office space, matching the clients need to house its growing workforce. The company negotiated in line with the best interest of NRG and finalized its lease agreements including all other necessary documents.

Current Status

KMC Savills successfully assisted NRG Global and since its relocation, the client has reaped the benefits of its new office space.