Mundo Builders shifts to corporate clients to drive growth

Business Mirror by Catherine Pillas, 10-26-2014

SPURRED by the sustained demand for office space,  driven mostly by the business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry, up-and-coming construction and design firm Mundo Builders Inc. (MBI) is shifting its focus from the residential segment to the commercial segment, banking on more corporate clients to drive its expansion and growth.

On Thursday, MBI made a big pitch to Japanese businesses in a networking night organized jointly with Japanese magazine Primer, a move in line with the construction and design company's goal to sign on more   businesses in its growing clientele portfolio.

"We're really focusing more now on getting more corporate clients to drive our growth, even if we still have residential clients," said MBI Founder, President and CEO MJ Ringor, in an interview at the sidelines of the networking event.

MBI's project scope includes residential spaces, commercial spaces such as restaurants and office spaces, and land development.   Services offered by the firm include construction management, commercial design, and industrial and real-estate management. Ringor said 50 percent of the firm's business is taken up by commercial projects, 20 percent by residential, while the remaining 10 percent comes from other projects. Ringor, who founded the company in 2009, said a major driver to his budding company for the past five years is the BPO industry. "One of our biggest clients has been Concentrix. We built 3,500 square meters of its call-center space. The BPO industry has been helping us grow more, lalo na ngayong maraming nago-open up ng offices," Ringor said.

The industry continues to prop up office-space demand in the country's prime central business districts such as Makati and the Fort, and have been credited for propping up rental rates and vacancy levels low, according to the midyear report of the international real-estate service firm KMC MAG.