Our People

KMC Savills' core asset is its brand of service and the people behind it. As work should be a place for professional growth, creativity, and interpersonal relationships, the company takes pride in its dynamic team that possesses the talent, skills, knowledge, and passion that drove KMC to the success it is experiencing today.

Leadership Team

Meet the dynamic executive teams of KMC MAG Group—a combination of Western and Filipino Management teams that work together to attain enormous and consistent company growth.
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Real Estate Brokers

Meet the KMC MAG Group real estate professionals. Our dedicated commercial and residential brokers that will help you from the project's start to finish.
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Landlord Representation & Project Marketing Team

KMC Savills' landlord representation and project marketing team cooperates with property developers to effectively launch and market real estate developments. Read more»
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Research and Consultancy

KMC MAG Group's Research & Consultancy team provide the latest reports and forecasts on the country and the real estate sector.
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Asset Management Team

Meet our experienced asset management team that delivers world-class property and facilities management services. Contact KMC MAG Group for more information.
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