Project Management Services

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With its wealth of industry experience and expertise in project management, KMC Savills is more than capable of delivering projects on schedule and within the client's budget.

Fully integrated services

KMC Savills can help companies achieve their project goals and objectives and remain within the target scope, time, and budget. The project management team will assist the clients every step of the way, from the project inception to its launch.

The KMC & Savills Advantage

KMC Savills' project management team is composed of seasoned professionals who understand the specific requirements of every client when it comes to the fit out of a new office, retail facility, or industrial space. As the industry leader in commercial real estate, KMC Savills provides professional advice and tailored solutions that meet client's needs.

Customized projects and solutions

KMC Savills works with different organizations and companies of all operational sizes and industries. We provide customized solutions for the following: new-to-market clients, established corporations seeking new retail, office, or industrial spaces, clients looking to improve their current space, local and international organizations, and small to medium enterprises.

Who we work with:

  • Foreign clients who are interested to invest in the Philippines
  • Established corporations seeking new office space
  • Local and international organizations
  • Small and medium enterprises

What we offer:

Backed by its international affiliate Savills Project Management, KMC Savills offers bespoke and fully integrated project management services. The firm believes that project success means more than delivering a project within established constraints of time, cost and quality. It is about creating value for the client by identifying and capturing opportunities that provide real and on-going benefits which extend beyond the project delivery phase. KMC Savills is committed in approach, transparent in delivery methods and collaborative and cooperative in the firm's stakeholder management role.

The firm has the capability to offer a range of specialist services according to the client's specific property, development or construction project requirements. The company's services include:

  • Project & construction management
  • Development management
  • Project development
  • Space utilization analysis
  • Technical site & building due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • National & local code compliance
  • Lease negotiations technical advice
  • Design management
  • Contractor and FF & E procurement
  • Environment sustainability (LEED & BERDE)
  • Financial analysis & modeling

For more details about available project management services, contact KMC Savills  today.