Offshoring Corporate Services

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With its expert knowledge in call center, business process outsourcing, and offshoring industries, KMC MAG Group delivers effective business solutions and services to enterprises of all operational sizes.

Solutions for all business sizes

KMC MAG Group recognizes the clients' need for cost-effective solutions that would allow them to conveniently set up, host, and manage offshore operations in the Philippines. This is why the company provides service delivery models that are highly customizable depending on the type of organization and business operation scale. Whether it is a small-time offshore outsourcing project or a build-operate-transfer process, KMC MAG Group can effectively assist clients and manage these projects for them.

The KMC & Savills Advantage

KMC MAG Group has a team of experts and professionals who understand the dynamics of the call center, Business Process Outsourcing, and offshoring clientele. The company works with foreign companies in offshoring various types of processes to the Philippines. KMC MAG Group conducts a thorough analysis of the client company's business processes, ensuring delivery of appropriate real estate solutions that fit the client profile and requirements.

Who we work with:

  • Foreign business owners looking to set up or expand operations to the Philippines
  • Local industry players looking for temporary space or disaster recovery sites
  • Small and medium business owners

KMC's offshoring and outsourcing team deals with clients who are new to the market, local and international businesses who wish to expand their operations to the Philippines, and small- to medium-sized enterprises who are seeking cost-efficient solutions. 

One-stop shop for outsourcing and offshoring services

KMC MAG Group delivers integrated services through a network of providers: from office build-out to specialized IT services. Its expert labor analytics team helps client businesses locate office spaces near universities, mass transit, and highly populated residential areas,  ensuring access to a talented workforce. On the other hand, staffing and payroll services to foreign companies that are new in the Philippines are handled by its sister company, KMC Solutions.

What KMC MAG Group offers:

  • Operations support
  • Staff leasing
  • Serviced offices
  • HR and payroll
  • Facilities management
  • Technical support
  • IT Consultancy
  • Human resource management

For more details about offshoring and outsourcing in the Philippines, contact KMC MAG Group today.