What KMC offers:

  • Comprehensive Due DiligenceComprehensive Due Diligence
  • Detailed Analysis of PropertyDetailed Analysis of Property
  • Supplementary Real Estate Market AnalysisSupplementary Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Extensive Market DataExtensive Market Data
  • Robust Income Approach ModelsRobust Income Approach Models
  • Near-market Cost EstimatesNear-market Cost Estimates

Assessment and appraisal of properties for acquisition, disposal, or taxation

As part of KMC’s full-service pledge, we offer valuation and appraisal services to clients who are looking to acquire or dispose of their properties. Our team of expert appraisers and assessors collaborate to estimate, negotiate, and arrive at the smartest and favorable real estate decisions. Operating on a global scale and a wide database of a local network, KMC provides the latest market data and retrospective value in residential, office, retail and industrial properties.

Committed to delivering localized services, the team also assists in and performs appraisal and assessment services for taxation purposes following the implementation of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Law in the Philippines. This law requires property owners to seek professional advice and judgment from real estate consultants on the acquisition, enhancement, preservation, utilization or disposition of their properties, as well as on the conception, planning, management and development of real estate projects.

Data-driven decisions and value for money

Backed by comprehensive market data and analysis by the Research Team, clients are equipped to make informed decisions in protecting their assets and getting maximum investment returns. The KMC Valuation and Appraisal team delivers results of the highest standards, ensuring that you get your money’s worth and secure the best investment options available.

This partnership between the client and KMC’s appraisers and assessors is achieved by identifying the strengths of the property, mitigating the risks, giving a comprehensive evaluation of the property, and providing viable transaction options.

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