What KMC offers:

  • Database of 70,000+ contactsDatabase of 70,000+ contacts
  • Strategic aboveand below-theline campaignStrategic aboveand below-theline campaign
  • Marketing collateral design and productionMarketing collateral design and production
  • Highly targeted client presentationsHighly targeted client presentations
  • Property inspections and consultancyProperty inspections and consultancy
  • End-to-end management of marketing campaignsEnd-to-end management of marketing campaigns

The KMC Advantage

KMC employs different forms of market strategies that involve using its established network of contacts: trusted clients, other highly recognized companies, and affiliates. The team can market projects through exposure in various media platforms involving press releases and advertisements, effectively spreading brand and project awareness among the target market. It is also capable of producing and disseminating both electronic and print brochures to potential buyers as well as pertinent members of the real estate and media industries.

Who we work with:

  • Property owners and developers that need assistance with the marketing of their properties; either for leasing or selling
  • Project marketing of residential complexes for sale

Expertise that Delivers

KMC’s Landlord Representation team is committed to the importance of a client-centric approach in leasing commercial buildings. Backed by a focused, proactive approach in negotiations, communications, and marketing, the team zeroes in on the client’s guiding vision and handles its positioning. As the leading full-service real estate firm in the Philippines, the Landlord Representation services of KMC includes several value-added and after-sales services.

Project Marketing Strategy

Being the preferred commercial real estate brokerage company in the Philippines, KMC assists clients and developers in marketing their property across multiple platforms. From media exposure to client presentation, our team finds the right audience and target the right market for any type of mixed-use, commercial, or residential property.

For more details about our Landlord Representation or Project Marketing services, get in touch with us today.