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PBCOM Tower in Makati, managed by KMC Savills, has undergone significant upgrades to enhance the office environment of its tenants, providing them with a more dynamic and efficient workspace in one of the most sought-after business addresses in Metro Manila.

The upgrades at PBCOM Tower include the introduction of modern amenities designed to improve tenant experience. From upgraded elevators to high-speed internet connectivity, these enhancements are geared towards creating a more productive and comfortable work environment.


Structural Reinforcements

The structural integrity of PBCOM Tower has been significantly enhanced through carbon fiber reinforcements applied to the columns and beams of the building. This reinforcement ensures that the iconic tower is now capable of withstanding earthquakes of up to magnitude 8, providing peace of mind and ensuring the safety and security of all occupants.


Elevator Upgrade

The complete upgrade of the High Zone elevator and ongoing upgrades to the Low Zone, Mid Zone, Parking, and Service elevators involve the replacement of all components, as well as enhancements to critical parts. This not only provides additional convenience to tenants and visitors of PBCOM Tower but also ensures safety and efficiency in vertical transportation throughout the building.



This added security feature ensures the safety of all tenants within the building. The turnstile system effectively controls access to specific areas, identifying authorized personnel and visitors while minimizing security risks and preventing unauthorized entry.


Chilled Water System Improvement

We have upgraded the existing chiller with a more efficient model, improving performance and reducing electricity consumption. Additionally, the new chiller complies with DENR directives by using earth-friendly refrigerants. Other components of the chilled water system, including primary pumps, secondary pumps, condenser pumps, and cooling towers, have also been replaced with more efficient equipment. To ensure optimal performance and control of these systems, a new Building Management System has been installed. Finally, Variable Frequency Drive Controllers have been installed on all equipment to maximize electricity savings.


Food Hall

The recently renovated and refurbished food hall on the 7th floor of PBCom Tower, operated by 7th Kitchen Lounge Inc., offers a diverse selection of Asian cuisine. From Singaporean and Malaysian to Filipino dishes, there's something for everyone! Additionally, an Asian grocery and convenience store are conveniently located on the 7th floor to meet the needs of building tenants. For those looking to unwind, there's also an al fresco section where tenants can relax and destress.

In addition to physical upgrades, PBCOM Tower is enhancing its services to provide better support for tenants. This may include expanded concierge services, on-site amenities, and tenant-focused events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the building.

In conclusion, the upgrades at PBCOM Tower Makati represent a significant investment in improving the office experience for tenants. With modern amenities, improved facilities, and enhanced services, PBCOM Tower is poised to offer a more dynamic and innovative workspace for businesses in Metro Manila.

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