KMC Savills provides a whole scope of services. We were eager to get things rolling in the Philippines and KMC Savills was absolutely vital in allowing us to do that. Our company's branch here is still continuing to grow, and KMC Savills has been very flexible in providing us with real estate solutions for every stage of expansion. They have also introduced us to other credible suppliers that we needed. Aside from these, their residential services team has also done an extraordinary job in helping me look for a great condo unit that's very near the office.

What I truly appreciate about KMC Savills is that they have excellent after-sales service. They're very easy to contact if you have any concerns and they always give a quick, straight-to-the-point reply. They also organize these regular lunches or get-togethers just for them to get to know their clients better. That's awesome customer service, if you ask me.


Robert McCann
General Manager