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Summer officially arrived in the Philippines in the last week of March. It's difficult to imagine that this was only less than a month ago given the intense heat that has unswervingly plagued Manila's days and nights as of late. The good news is that there is no shortage of vacation hotspots to run off to especially in the Philippines. Whether you are planning a holiday with beloved family members or a group of friends, you have come to the right place. This article features the future summer destinations that you can run to on your next holiday. Without further ado, here goes:

  1. Boracay Newcoast. When it comes to residential properties, it seems that Megaworld Properties is leading the way. Boracay is indisputably one of the top vacation destinations in the Philippines and in light of this, Megaworld has established Boracay Newcoast for tourists who are in search of something a little more permanent than a short stay at a hotel, hostel or hut. This isn't difficult to comprehend given the island's timeless charm as well as its irresistible allure. Boracay Newcoast is an upscale residential village and this is evidenced by its breathtaking views, impressive architecture, and unparalleled facilities for its residents' leisure and wellness. Boracay Newcoast also has a very convenient location that allows guests to maximize and experience everything that the island has to offer no matter what time of the year you choose to stay here.
  2. Boracay Gateway Country Club. Another premiere destination that is currently making waves by Boracay Island is Alphaland's Boracay Gateway Country Club. With a whopping 500 hectares of land, it is no surprise that Boracay Gateway Country Club boasts a wide range of facilities plus residential, recreational and commercial areas to keep its clientele fully entertained no matter how long they choose to vacation there. A sprawling New England country estate inspires the atmosphere of Boracay Gateway Country Club. Here, privacy is the name of the game. Polo players are also the target market of the township as plans to create an all-weather polo field are in the pipeline.
  3. Balesin Island Club. If Boracay isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps Quezon is an option you can consider. Touted as Alphaland's flagship project, Balesin Island Club offers myriad villas and suites that club members can choose from. These villas and suites are spread throughout seven themed villages; namely Balesin, Phuket, Mykonos, Costa del Sol, Bali, Toscana, and St. Tropez. Here, you are sure to disappear into the ambience and drown in relaxation and serenity.