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Fort Bonifacio condos are known for offering the best of the urban lifestyle. This is why the city has become the residential space of choice for starting families, college or postgraduate students, and young professionals who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of a single-detached home without moving too far from the city. However, one of the downsides of living in a condo is having limited space. Today, we'll be giving you some tips to help designing your condo a lot easier. With our help, you'll learn how to maximize available space without compromising style.

Make your bedroom look bigger by adding a mirror.

You can visually expand a space with a mirror. This 1-bedroom condo in Avant uses this technique to provide dimension to the space, making the room appear much larger. Tip: Use neutral colors for maximum effect.

Adjust the floor plan accordingly.

If you know you won't be spending too much time in the kitchen (given the plethora of restaurants in the neighborhood), you could opt to maximize the space by furnishing it with the bare necessities such as a cooktop, oven, and a small ref.

Choose light or neutral colors.

By smart use of color, you can transform your living room into a more relaxing space. The minimalist approach in the design of this 2-bedroom condo uses only white and black with a hint of mahogany to break the monotony, adding a modern, stylish feel to the small area.

Use lights to add personality to the interior design.

Lighting is an important interior design element. You can use accent lights to add personality to a dull space. One good example is this bathroom in the featured 2-bedroom condo for rent in Two Serendra, which used decorative lighting to make the space less bland.

Invest on glamorous accessories.

Put your favorite painting on display to avoid having a bare wall. Invest on simple vases with indoor plants that can add character to the empty coffee table. Choose large hanging lights to accent the entire space.

Do you have other condo design tips to share? Feel free to share them with KMC MAG Group today. We might just feature your home in one of our upcoming posts.