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TAGUIG, Sep. 12, 2013 - In the spirit of building homes for the homeless, KMC MAG Group, together with KMC Solutions, WEIR, and AVON visited a Gawad Kalinga (GK) build site to paint houses and spend some quality time with the village kids and residents.

This activity is part of KMC's efforts for Corporate Social Responsibility, aimed towards contributing to the society by helping families find a place where their business and family can grow. GK is an organization created to build communities to eradicate poverty in the Philippines and provide the less fortunate with lands and homes of their own.

According to Michael McCullough, KMC MAG Group's Managing Director, "KMC is all about helping clients find the best piece of real estate where their businesses or families can grow. Gawad Kalinga, on the other hand, builds homes for families and communities. We believe their purpose is closely linked with ours and we want to play an active part in making GK's projects as livable, and as beautiful as possible."  

Bro. Raul Ramiterre, a representative of the GK site, commenced the event with a short talk about the background of GK, their achievements so far, and the miracle of the community. "So far, we have finished majority of the houses here in the area. You know, this area is really blessed. In spite of the many typhoons that hit the city, none of the areas were flooded." he shared.

KMC employees spent the entire morning painting the exteriors of the newly built houses. After a few hours, the team went on to lead workshops for kids. Lannie Potenciano, KMC's Finance Director, led the career talk for kids, while Thomas Cragg, Vice President for Sales, acted as the football coach during the football workshop. Avon representative Myred Eugenio, on the other hand, held a personality development and good grooming workshop for GK moms and their daughters.

Rita Kashinamilunda, Associate and Jhoanna Lopez of WEIR took care of the arts and crafts workshop as Human Resources' representatives Lyn Celestino and Jacqueline Bao taught the kids some new grooves in the dance workshop held in the top floor. Lastly, Marketing's Caren Mercado and Angelic Joy Concepcion gave a short talk about journalism and its importance.

The GK experience was definitely memorable for many KMC employees. "Being in the GK site was really a humbling, rewarding, and enjoyable experience. Even if it was a bit exhausting due to the weather, it feels good seeing the smiles on the parents and kids' faces during the workshops." Antonette Mendoza, KMC's Marketing Associate, commented.

Most of them are really looking forward to next year's visit, like KMC's VP for Sales Thomas Cragg. "Giving something back to the community of Taguig, specifically Brgy. Pinagsama, was such a wholesome experience and I really enjoyed painting the housing project and connecting with the local families. The children showed real promise on the "make-shift" football pitch (despite the pouring rain) and clearly had plenty of talent. I am looking forward to seeing how they progress between now and our next CSR activity."