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KMC Savills celebrated its 7th Anniversary with partners, clients, family and friends. The celebration took place at the New World Hotel in Makati with a James Bond '007' theme and was attended by different representatives from over 50 various industries.

Speakers at the event included KMC Savills Managing Director, Michael McCullough, Philippine Economic Zone Authority Director General, Brigadier General Charito Plaza, and Palafox & Associates Managing Partner, Karima Palafox with performances from the Polecats Manila and singer Vanessa Monot to mark the occasion.

Aside from celebrating past successes, the event also served as an opportunity for KMC Savills to reward existing employees with some well deserved promotions as they look to the future. Included in the promotions were:

Rosario "Cha" Carbonell - Executive Director for Tenant Representation Services
Gerold Fernando - Executive Director for Tenant Representation Services
Yves Luethi - Executive Director for Marketing and Landlord Representation Services
Carmelo Porciuncula - Executive Director for Investment Services
Anna Marco - Director for Landlord Representation Services
Rita Kash - Senior Director of Tenant Representation Services
Karen Golez - Associate Director of Tenant Representation Services
Philipp Llave - Senior Manager of Tenant Representation Services

Vanessa Monot serenaded the guests with James Bond theme songs during dinner. After which, the Manila Polecats did an impressive aerial performance to the song Skyfall.

Michael McCullough, entering to the James Bond theme, opened the program and took to the stage to thank his partners, colleagues, friends and family but also the country of the Philippines.

"Growing up as a kid, I wanted to be a doctor to help people. Fate and destiny has brought me to the Philippines to manage this award winning real estate services firm.

"We got lucky, a lot of incredible things had to happen, and there's a lot of awesome people we as a company need to thank."

"First, the Philippines this country and now my home and it's hard working people. They have contributed significantly to the growth of our industry."

"It's been an amazing place to do business, an amazing place to make friends; and most importantly an amazing place where I have met my wife, Iza. I am so thankful for the two beautiful sons that we have together."

"Over the coming years, we plan to expand our client base, grow our team, and continue to invest in making ourselves industry experts and thought leaders. We've never wanted to be the biggest, only the best." 

McCullough was followed by Brigadier General Charito Plaza who discussed the opportunities for real estate firms to provide office space to take the Filipino economy forward. Brig. Gen. Plaza discussed the massive potential of the country that has been picked up on by middle eastern aristocracy who have a desire to invest in the country. She highlighted and thanked KMC Savills' role in increasing foreign investment and build facilities to take the country forward.

Karmi Palafox was next to speak and discussed sustainability in the Philippines. She spoke passionately about the country and how businesses such as KMC Savills have both an opportunity and duty to help enhance sustainability in office spaces. 













An AVP film was then shown which highlighted the accomplishments of KMC Savills in the past seven years and discussed their vision for the future. The film featured words from the founders as well as a variety of other staff members from across the business.

McCullough took to the stage again to announce some important promotions within the company. Many of those promoted had been in the company for many years and has been a part  of the growth and success that the firm has had.

The stage was then taken by Savills' South East Asia CEO Chris Marriott who led a toast to KMC Savills' success and future prospects.

Also present during the event were Greg Kittelson and Amanda Carpo, who completes the name and entity that is KMC.

The guests were then serenaded again by Ms. Vanessa Monot as the formal events drew to a close.

KMC Savills 7th year anniversary provided an entertaining night for all and was a great occasion to celebrate success. We thank all who attended for coming and congratulate those who earned deserved promotions.

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