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Space matters regardless if it's for your home or office.

Data shows that an average person needs about 9 to 13 square meters. However, in a 2013 British Council study, occupier density remarkably rose over the years in most workplaces due to economic pressure and technology enablement. This encouraged more offices to adapt to the changes in work style.

The mean density of a workplace is pegged at 10.9 per square meters of the net internal area (NIA) or the usable floor area of any office space. The corporation still carries the highest density at 13.1 square meters followed by financial insurance companies at 9.7 square meters.

In 2016, CoreNet Global stated that the average space per person in an office setting is now at 14 square meters per person. This already went down from 16.5 square meters in 2012 and 20 to 21 square meters back in 2010.

In an article, Kevin Cronin pointed out that corporate locators and businesses that there are several workplace considerations to account for. Planned growth and headcount are the top priority to avoid reaching the occupancy limit abruptly.

It is also not one size fits all. Floor plans and layouts matter to ensure the proper space allocation and utilization.

Typical Sizes of Office Spaces(as of 2016)

         Space Type                    Size
Large Office 18 to 37 sqm  
Medium Office 14 to 23 sqm
Small Office 8 to 13 sqm
Open Space 5 to 10 sqm
Work Group  7 to 9 sqm
Reception 9 to 18 SQM + 0.9 sqm per waiting person
Conference 4 sqm + 2 sqm per seated person
Mail 11 sqm
File 18 sqm
Lunch / Break 6 sqm + 2 aqm per seated person
Work Room 125 to 200 sqm
Halls / Corridors 20 to 30% off usable area

This is where property consultancy firms such as KMC Savills, come into play. It hires real estate professionals, engineers, architects and other experts in helping clients land the perfect spaces suited to their business needs.

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