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As organizations and businesses shift to a remote work set up because of the pandemic, salespeople may find adapting to drastic changes in their routine and strategy challenging. Managing a sales team needs attention, sound leadership, and open and constant communication. It is important to keep your team active, focused, and motivated.   

Here are some ways you can engage your sales team amid the COVID-19 pandemic:  

Set Daily Tasks and Timelines  

Implementing a set of daily tasks and timelines can give a sense of normalcy to real estate brokers and salespeople. While the pandemic may be taxing mentally and emotionally, setting definite goals for the day and sticking to habits can help them become motivated to meet deadlines and cross off to-do lists.   

Stay connected with Clients  

Closing deals is not the priority for your sales team during this time, but it is just as crucial to maintain the relationship and stay connected with your clients. There should also be a focus on helping them, not only on business matters but also in facing new uncertainties in life brought by the pandemic.  

The best philosophy to adapt during times of crisis:  Serve first, then sell.  

Stick to a schedule  

Set a schedule for your team. If it’s possible, meet with them daily and talk regularly. Ask their preference on how regular the meetings should be and through what format. Let them have a say and input in the decision making. Meeting regularly will not only keep things in check, but this practice will also create a bond and make the team rely on each other during these hard times.   

Develop skills and capability  

A great way to motivate your sales team is to encourage them to improve their skills and develop their capabilities by taking online courses and attending webinars. This is an opportunity to hone skills and learn new ones. It is always great to stimulate their brains by encouraging continuous learning but keeping their minds on the job.  

Measure activity and set up competitions  

During these meetings, it is important to identify, set, and measure sales activity and expected objectives from the team. Managers and team heads can also create friendly competitions to stimulate and increase the interest of the team. Conduct echo sessions from the training they have been attended and discuss how they can apply it to their clients.