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Undoubtedly gaining popularity within the metro, condominiums for sale are projected to contribute to a huge chunk of Metro Manila’s property market and real estate pipeline. Based on the latest data in 2020, there is a 2.6% increase of condominium supply especially within the country’s central business districts (CBDs).

However, looking for prospective condominiums and high-rise residences in the city is still easier said than done. There are many factors to consider from an investment value perspective. Eager buyers would want to land on a property that satisfies both value for money and their specific tenant or buyer demands.

This is where prime condominium properties enter the picture. With an unmatched luxury and convenience offered, they are guaranteed value for money and more. Both prospective tenants and buyers will surely have their differing needs met from the set of amenities they offer, security they provide, and the exclusivity that they prefer.

Low Residential Density

It is a misconception that living in a condominium would feel cramped with only limited privacy. Prime condominium buildings are designed to provide ample space both indoors and outdoors. With a low residential density and by offering only a few units on each floor, residents will have that perfect balance of exclusivity and privacy while still being at the center of everything.

Buyers and tenants with comfort, space, and exclusivity at the top of their list should consider looking into luxurious condominiums for sale or rent.

Adequate and Modern Facilities

Most prime condominiums are situated in city centers. Being in an ideal location allows residents to effortlessly gain access to convenience around the metro and reach business and commercial districts with ease. In addition to this benefit, most of their convenient features, such as facilities, are found inside their walls. Fitness centers, co-working spaces, and function rooms are easily accessible and all within minutes from residential units.

Outdoor Community Space

Outdoor community spaces, such as pools and landscaped gardens, are essential parts of condominium living. The goal of these amenities is both for leisure and relaxation purposes, providing tenants an open space where they can breathe, de-stress, and enjoy the outdoors. They are also venues where residents establish a community by creating space for social interactions.

Smart and Sustainable Homes

Most luxurious condominiums are now equipped with smart home features. These perks add more value to the property and elevate the convenience and comfort they provide. Smart technology also allows sustainability within luxury condominiums by reducing wasted energy and operating in a more efficient manner.

If acquiring a house and lot for sale in Metro Manila is currently not viable, premium condominium units are the next best choice.


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