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Leasing a warehouse can become a strategic move and profitable investment for any business — if done correctly. The use of industrial properties boosts the efficiency of business operations by providing adequate and secured storage of goods and rapid movement and distribution to consumers.

Most companies looking for a warehouse for lease assume it’s an easy task. There are many ways to go about the leasing process, but the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach may be more costly and time-consuming in the long run. Experiencing drawbacks are more likely when proceeding on one’s own.

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To make warehouse leasing a worthwhile investment and spare the company unnecessary losses, partnering with an experienced team of property experts is essential. They possess indispensable knowledge and the latest property technologies (Proptech) to make the entire process easy and clear.

Hiring a specialized team in any property search poses more advantages than navigating it independently.

Warehouse availability in the market

The rapid rise of e-commerce in the Philippines has pushed warehousing and logistics to the forefront of the real estate industry. According to the latest report by KMC Savills, there’s a growing need for warehouses in the market. This stems from the heightened demand for fast and stable storage and shipment of e-commerce goods.

Fortunately, there’s a nine-fold increase in investment pledges for the transportation and storage sector. This can assist in resolving the increasing rates and decreasing the availability of warehouses in Metro Manila. To increase the country’s storage capacity, there are viable locations to build warehouses within nearby regions and other rural areas.

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Characteristics of an efficient property expert

There are countless choices available out there, but finding the right team will equate to sure success in finding a warehouse. One way to gauge the expertise of a leasing team is to check what they know.

Property experts should have in-depth knowledge and the latest insights through conducting research and surveying the current real estate market. They must be an adequate resource to answer specific property queries such as rental price comparisons across different locations.

Having an extensive grasp of the market is an invaluable asset in this industry. Being able to present more options increases the chances of finding the warehouse for lease that matches the nature of the business and its requirements.

Another aspect to check is the real estate firm’s standing in the market. Their reputation is a reliable testament to their professionalism and expert services. See what their past clientele has to say. Knowing their success rate and performance will greatly help in hiring the right team.

Finally, determining the right property experts entails identifying the specific qualities of their services. Do they specialize in the type of property needed by the company? Are their services full-coverage and can provide end-to-end solutions? Do they possess the capacity to expedite the entire process?

When the real estate firm’s team checks all the boxes, then it’s safe to assume they’re the right ones to get the job done. Finding a warehouse or industrial lot for lease can be a smooth journey with the help and support of excellent property experts.

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